101 in 1001 ( 2010-2015)

1. Buy lens 70-200 F2.8L USM  3 Sept 2010
2. Go to island ( pulan perhentian )
3. Buying new Home at hometown Malacca
4. Buy ring for my mom
5. buy Apple Notebook
6. Trip from south to north with my friend
7. Taking picture with PM
8. Dinner at KL tower
9. Take photo of my family
10. set up my own studio
11. add on my photography equipment
12. Got wedding job at place I already go
13. Upgrade my blog
14. Daily update my blog at least for 6 month
15. Holiday with my Lover to ROME.
16. Further my studying at international University ( Edinburgh)
17. Buy BMW car
18. celebrate my birthday at overseas
19. have an adventure
20. resign my permanent job currently
21. set up my office
22. buy new sport rim for my car
23. change my car skirting
24. plan surprise party for my dad
25. go on vacation with whole my family ( out of country)
26. cook on myself ( masak asam pedas, masak lemak cili padi)
27. Singing in front thousand people or maybe 100 people.
28. conduct an interview to find new apprentice in room2902photo
29. Fly on private plane
30. Do something fun with Shuk and Naz
31. photograph someone I admire
32. plan bandung trip again with iqbal as I cancel it before.
33. Print my own photo in canvas
34. Holiday ALONE
35. Buy another shirt ad DC store ( white superman shirt)
36. Take photo of elephant
37. Say “yes” with normaly I say “no”
38. Learn how to play guitar with full song
39. ride horse on the beach
40. playing paintball
41. hang out with my previous client
42. Eurotrip
43. Buy apartment for investment purposes
44. wacth movie with all my nephew
45. start a family
46. design my own wedding album
47. go picnic
48. start new business
49. photoshoot session at airport
50. buy lens 50mm 1.2 USM L
51. Buy second camera body 4 sept 2010
52. Online shopping to buy item for my camera
53. go camping for 3 day 2 night
54. go out on the boat
55. sent fresh flowers to my lover
56. Buy new home deco for my mom
57. jungle tracking
58. meet old friend at Sarawak
59. start new business
60. buy new fhone
61. make money on my blog
62. double up traffic in my blog
63. start new marketing for my business
64. Photograph with any well establish model
65. get a photo inside the plane
66. Take a photography class
67. Attend 4 events in 1 day
68. Create new product under Room2902 branding
69. shoot wedding in state that I never know.
70. Drive a car 80KM/J from shah alam to Malacca
71. Create my new business card
72. Buy space at other blog or web to put my banner (Room2902)
73. Register Gim class
74. Volunteer for Mercy Malaysia
75. Give 50% discount for my client
76. Eat something that I never tried before
77. Sleep under bridge for 1 night
78. Have a great dating ever
79. Take a photo Dato Siti
80. watch a great concert ever held
81. make my own blog others than photography blog
82. make my new story template for wedding
83. Do a video post on my blog
84. Nice tuxedo for me
85. produce a short film
86. Buy an antique
87. Made a photo shoot session in Bukit Bintang
88. Sing with my cousin at any wedding place
89. buy a diamond for my lover
90. design my own shirt
91. create logo for room2902
92. merge room2902photo with matador picture
93. involve in any bridal exhibition
94. print 1000 flyers
95. working fulltime at Malacca
96. start online business
97. learn speak Chinese
98. Produce a great piece of product shoot
99. design my own house
100. Swimming at any lake
101. shouting while plane take off

  1. lyla najaty says:

    i’ve read it. awesome.;)
    thx for 2day.im happy.:))

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